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My palette is inspired by the vibrant colors found at the Equator, a cosmovision rooted in Andean textile traditions. As a futurist artist and science lover, I discovered the Andean women's millennial knowledge of "Photothermocoloymetry," using colors for healing, warmth, and understanding creation. This ancient color engineering has become my natural expression vehicle and semiotic heritage, shaping my unique approach to design and art.

beyond art

Jorge Calderon, known as Starmanfunk™, has 18 years of experience in Arts, Design, and Branding. As a digital media expert, he has collaborated with Hollywood veterans and CG studios to produce commercial video and photography. Utilizing animation software and augmented reality, Jorge creates bidimensional artworks and visual systems to elevate art perception. A passionate artist, he is dedicated to visual quality, design, and technology, believing in the power of art to enhance modern life.


Concrete / abstract 

Inspired in the multi-chromatic universe of Latin América and the Neon streets of Asia, Concrete abstract Collection (2017-2020) Is a reflection of a hyper globalized world, Highly  Influenced by street art and graffiti, has been part of major Group Exhibitions In China and the USA, recipient of the DEAN COLLECTION and Resident artist of Jardin Orange. The collection has been categorized as part of the Pop Surrealism, Abstract figurative, and the New Latin American Street Art.

Intarnational shows


the artist


With a unique style recognized by international art institutes and brands, this artist's work stands out for its characteristic use of vibrant colors, complex patterns, impossible architecture, and ecstatic faces. Furthermore, he have represented his country in various street art venues around the world. Each of his works reflects his talent and extreme dedication to the details of daily life, influenced by European street art, Asian architecture, and Impressionism. each of his works conceals a profound meaning that can be discovered through immediate and prolonged contemplation. His exceptional ability to convey emotions and feelings through their art is unmatched. As an art director, lead designer, and art consultant for major Chinese and American design corporations, his experience is unparalleled.

In the words of Sara Rubayo, a renowned art historian from La Gata Verde in Madrid, "the main intention of his creations is to transmit joy and cause a positive vibration effect on those who observe them." In conclusion, his work is a true gem in the world of contemporary art, and his talent is undeniably extraordinary.

Biography by Sara Rubayo
Art Historian, "La gata Verde" Madrid.

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