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Concrete abstract collection

Inspired in the multi-chromatic universe of Latin América and the Neon streets of Asia, Concrete abstract Collection (2017-2020) Is a reflection of a hyper globalized world, Highly  Influenced by street art and graffiti, has been part of major Group Exhibitions In China and the USA, recipient of the DEAN COLLECTION and Resident artist of Jardin Orange. The collection has been categorized as part of the Pop Surrealism, Abstract figurative, and the New Latin American Street Art.

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The Art of Starman

The Art of Starman

VR solo show


astra inclinant sed non obligant

the artist

At age 16, he was introduced to aerosol painting after joining the fine arts school at the Culture Hall of Ecuador, "Benjamin Carrion(Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana). 
Born in Quito, the son of an architect and a teacher, he expressed his curiosity for art at the age of 4 when he preferred to draw to play football with the other children. In 1999, he began his career as a Graffiti and Street Artist. 
He secretly left the business school to follow his dream and join the Institute of Design and Multimedia, where he experimented with Digital Arts, Packaging, Filmmaking, Photography, and 3D. The experience led him to the industry of videogames.
His characteristic use of vibrant colors, complex patterns, impossible architecture, and ecstatic faces created his unique style, recognized by International brands and art institutes. Represented his country in several venues dedicated to Street art around the world. His work is a showcase of talent and extreme attention to daily life details. Influenced by European street art, Asian Architecture, and impressionism, each work has a profound meaning that can be discovered through immediate and long contemplation. Currently working as Art Director, Lead Designer, and art consultant for large design Chinese and American corporations. "The main intention of my creations is to transmit joy, to cause a positive vibration effect in those who observe them." 
Jorge Calderón.

Biography by Sara Rubayo
Art Historian, "La gata Verde" Madrid.


  • As a student in Ecuador, he won several awards, such as the Ibero-American Caracol de Plata 2005 in animation, Condor de Oro 2006 in advertising, and other national representations.

  • The Municipality of Quito named him "Representative Contemporary Artist of the City" as part of the "Hummingbird Garden" project, qualified as one of Ecuador's most representative artistic projects.

  • In 2010, Adidas Originals named him an Ambassador Street Artist, collaborating on brand videos, murals, and campaigns.

  • As an artistic director in graphic design departments, he developed brands and products for Motorola, Google, JBL, Harman, Disney, OPPO, etc.

  • Starman was named National Graffiti Champion for 3 consecutive years, a former member of the MFC artist collective, winning the nation's "best crews mural."

  • He has been a national representative of Graffiti and urban art in several South American countries such as MOS Argentina, Peru, Kolirius Festival in Macae Rio de Janeiro, artist resident in Grafito Cali, Colombia.

  • Winner of the "TD20" contest organized by the Dean collection of New York where artists, collectors, and art activists, selected among more than 5000 artists, 20 of them Starman, obtaining economic and promotional financing to launch the Fall shows -Winter 2018.

beyond art

18 years of experience in Arts, Design, and branding. Digital Media Expert. Produced video and photography commercial material with Hollywood veterans and CG graphic studios for world-class products. Designing guidelines and visual systems to elevate the brand's perception and keeping consistency across continents and time.
Jorge Calderon [Starmanfunk™] is also a Visual Designer with academic visual communication and cross-cultural design experiences. Seven years working in the Electronic consumer Industry, helping Global Brands operate from China. Also helped Chinese brands in their way to get global. Familiar with the need for product transformation through arts, a believer in the power of Art to elevate modern life through modern products and experiences. Starman is a passionate artist who understands brands, corporations, and business, a Solid contemporary artist ready to set a show across any continent, with a passion for visual quality, design, and technology.

"All his artistic works and products bring always his unique signature, a dynamic and vibrant use of colours and bold lines and patterns. His visual identity and style are always contemporary, iconic and eye-catching."

Sara Peluso  CMF Designer
Jaguar Cars - United Kingdom

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Represented in China By Jardin Orange
Manager: Richard Wang (+86) 13824338611