Resourcefulness and Good Fun Family Entertainment


Everyone wants and needs to have some fun, relax and just get away from it all for awhile. In tight times, resourcefulness is important in every area of our lives, including entertainment and recreation. Just as in all other areas of the household budget, you have to change your thinking a bit to figure out some resourceful ways to beat the high cost of traditional modern family entertainment.

So when you want to take the family out for a fun time and keep within your budget, here are some ideas for fun family entertainment that you may want to consider.

Even though movies are available to rent or buy so that they can be enjoyed at home, many people find that the excitement of a movie is just not the same unless they are sitting in front of the big screen at the movie theater. If this resonates with you, how about attending a matinee or a second run theater film where the prices are cheaper. You will also usually find that the snack bar prices are much more reasonably priced in the second run theaters than they are in the first run movie theaters.

If you and your family enjoy sporting events, instead of buying tickets for the major leagues, change your thinking, and start taking in the local sports games? High school games can be really exciting for everyone in the family. In addition to being resourceful and saving a ton of money, you will also benefit from the social aspects of getting to know other people in your community, and you’ll just feel good as you support the local kids. If you have any minor leagues or colleges in your area, you’re sure to find a lot of excitement and fun family entertainment at those events as well.

Everyone enjoys pizza, so take the gang out for a big piping hot pizza. Enjoy the delicious pizza, great conversation, the laughter, and the music, and if your budget allows it, take in some arcade games afterward.

If you are lucky enough to still have a bowling alley in your town, be sure to consider a night of bowling occasionally. It is truly unfortunate that many communities have torn down their bowling alleys, often being replaced by workout gyms. If only the bowling alleys remained one could work out as well as enjoy good fun family entertainment. Besides the exercise that you get from bowling, you get a chance to socialize with the people in the lane next to you.

Swimming together is an old family fun tradition that does not cost very much. In days past, people used to go down to the old swimming hole. That’s a little different in most communities today, but there are often pools running all year long. Be sure to practice safety and teach everyone in your family how to swim. That is really important to do anyway, so a family swim time is a great time to practice those skills. Take care to follow all the safety rules posted wherever you swim, and do not swim unless there is a lifeguard present and on duty. Again, the exercise is a tremendous side benefit as well as being resourceful.

How about good old walking? There are walking clubs you can join if you want to be with a group, which is not a bad idea these days for safety sake. These clubs have regularly scheduled walks, and you and your kids can even earn rewards for participating in this activity. The cost savings plus the social benefits, the exercise, and spending time outdoors enjoying nature and the scenery is the height of resourcefulness.

If your family is more adventurous find out about hiking trails in your area. Go on a day biking trip. Discover local places to go camping.

There are still many communities and malls who put on free concerts, so pack up the kids and enjoy some great robust music with the local talent. Sometimes these local concert venues are able to attract more well known entertainers as well. There may be an admission price for the entertainers of renown, but it is certain to cost a lot less than a major concert at a coliseum or an arena would. You may be able to bring your own snack foods as well. Be sure to inquire beforehand if you need to bring your own seating because if you found you had to remain standing, it may dampen your enjoyment of the event.

Almost every community and school has local fairs, festivals, and plays so get to know what is going on in your community, and go out and have some fun as you are being resourceful and support your local community as well.

Also, many libraries have special events and presentations that you can participate in so check out what’s going on at your local library.

Let your imagination be your inspiration and your guide for fun family entertainment. Resourcefulness does not have to mean that you must deprive you and your family of entertainment and fun. It just means that you must become more creative and change your thinking so that you and your family explore new alternatives for fun family activities.


The Outdoor Home Bar – Make This Great Addition Part of Your Patio and Backyard Entertainment


Ideas For Entertainment on Valentines Day


Valentines Day is one that many people look forward to. This is mainly because it is a day of great fun and entertainment. There are so many people that continue to make the day more special every year. The day is not an ordinary one because it is set aside to celebrate and rekindle love in people. Therefore, it calls for entertainment. To have fun on this day is what all people with a heart to love should do. However, it is vital to keep in mind that having fun has its own limits. There are so many people who continue to make the mistake of having fun while hurting them. For example, getting high on harmful drugs is a sick idea of fun. When you want entertainment, you look for something that will leave you in one piece. Therefore, entertainment on Valentines Day should be safe. When you are safe, you will definitely be happier with your life. This is not to say that you do not go wild. Go wild with all good things. For example, if you have never stood up before people, it is a good time to think karaoke. Good and clean entertainment on Valentines Day is what all people need.

Entertainment on Valentines Day will be determined by the kind of things you love. For example, if you are a soccer fan, it is time to buy tickets for the valentine’s match that will be playing near you. Keep in mind that entertainment to different people can mean different things. What will make one happy might not make the other happy. For couples considering entertainment on Valentines Day, it is probably a good thing to compromise. This is the time to look for something that will work for both of you. In many instances, couples give up their idea of entertainment to enjoy the company of each other. They also take the time to come up with their very own entertainment. Your lover is a person who should be your focus on this special day. For this reason, you have to do things for each other. Celebrate love together and you will be entertained. Lovers can also go down memory lane and rekindle some of those lost frames; there is nothing more entertaining than this.

Entertainment on Valentines Day for your children needs to be very creative if they are going to enjoy themselves. Consider their ages and make sure that everyone is happy. There is nothing more interesting than having all the right information in regard to suitable entertainment for your kids. Let this information come from the children. Younger kids will be happy to play with others while bouncing on castles. Teenage kids might want to go out with their boyfriends and so on. Kids should have their fair share of entertainment so that they can fully be happy on this special day of love. Keep in mind that good entertainment will always leave you refreshed and happy to face the future.


What Are The Best Options For Corporate Entertainment


There are many options for corporate entertainment. They range from comedians to magicians. The choice will depend on what tone you want to set for the event. Comedians are a popular choice for corporate events. A comedian will loosen the attendees, give them the shared experience of laughter, and encourage a relaxed and open audience. Humor can also bring new light to the industry or profession, making fun and encouraging the audience to laugh at themselves and their common experiences. The event will be remembered as a fun occasion, and the good feelings can be transferred to the office in renewed team spirit, creativity and fresh ideas about the future.

Hiring a comedian also sends a message that life is about more than work, that there is time for play, too. A corporate comedian will deliver material that is respectful of the audience, relevant and clean. Magicians are also a good icebreaker for corporate entertainment. A magician brings the wonder of childhood to those attending; a sense that anything is possible. A good magician will help the audience put aside the stress and worry of everyday activity, and bring them to the realm of magic. Magicians also make us laugh, and see the ordinary with new eyes. By changing our point of view, a magician can inspire and motivate. Corporate magicians will lead the audience to a new way of seeing, and that attitude can carry over into the workplace.

Singing acts are a good choice for corporate entertainment. Song, like laughter, is a shared experience. We all know songs, and a group singing familiar songs will bring the audience together smiling. Song also touches emotion and memory. Evoking emotion will make the event more memorable, and enjoyable. Circus acts are available for corporate events. There are also jugglers and ventriloquists. Any professional entertainer knows how to capture the audience, and those who do corporate events discuss beforehand who will be attending, and will tailor their act to suit the attendees.

Motivational speakers remain a standard for many conferences. A motivational speaker will bring inspiration to the audience through his or her own story of adversity and triumph, and leave the audience feeling empowered to solve problems. A good motivational speaker will identify with the attendees, and encourage them to experiment in their own lives and professions.

Top-notch corporate entertainers are in demand. Hiring one should be done as early as possible, as long as a year ahead. The event organizers should be clear about the purpose of the event, and the outcome they would like to see. Whether it is team-building, improving productivity or simply a thank you to employees will determine what kind of entertainment to hire. If the event is to launch a new product line, or to boost morale, perhaps a motivational speaker is the best bet. If it is to put play back into the mix, perhaps a musical act or comedian is a better choice. In any case, there are professional entertainers who are experienced and comfortable in a corporate setting.


The Role of a Creative Photographer in Your Wedding


A wedding day is one of the most unforgettable and special days in our life. Those who attend your wedding are going to speak about that day starting from the bridal gown, decoration and flowers, the food and the entertainment. It is indeed a great feeling that every moment of your wedding is captured when it comes to photography. You need to make proper planning of your wedding so that it becomes memorable. You will like to cherish your wedding photographs for long time. As these photographs are special you will wish to see those photographs and show it to everyone for many years. Thus, to remember every detail about that day is necessary to hire a creative photographer to cover your wedding.

Professional photographer will give you variety of creative photos of different styles. With more creativity and candid shots they will give you different poses for photography.

When you are selecting a creative photographer, don’t go for the cheapest one who got little experience and creativity to save your few dollars. If you go for photographers who are offering you lowest price, the results can be unsatisfactory. Spending some extra time and money can give you the best results you want.

All creative photographers have dissimilar approach. Good mixture of candid photos or posed photos or even family pictures with moments is captured by them. Creative photos can manifest the best atmosphere of that remarkable day and gives you the gorgeous feeling from that special day just for an example your father and mother peeking with each other or you both dancing on the floor during your best song.

Creative photography changes your mood and cherishes your wedding day. Creative photographers are busy with their schedule so get with them on phone and take the appointment of the one who is available on your wedding day. Make an appointment and meet with him/her. When you meet them discuss about the creativity you want and not just the traditional and old fashion way of photography. If the photographer is ready and confident with his job also ask for portfolio or sample of this job.

Creative photographers are little expensive. There are some professional photographers who charge more than $40,000. But everyone has their own budget and a limit. So go across many photographers having different rates and creativity. The creative photographer makes his best effort and settings to make the couple look best and attractive. Most photographers offer for background music and pictures to your CDs. Thus the best photographer does his job skillfully and cares about his job. While going through his portfolio if the look and style is the one which you want, then the photographer is best for your need.

As such it is amazing when Creative Wedding Photography is done in the best way.


How to Achieve Creative Dating Success


So many people young and old are finding it a big challenge to find their ideal partner these days. Some are also turning to the online dating sites to find their new date, which can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ at the best of times.

It’s often the case that you’re asked to describe what you’re looking for in your ideal partner in great detail, for example, what color should their eyes be? How tall should they be? What age should they be?

It is a little bit like going to the supermarketing and choosing a product from the shelf. But, the thing is, most ‘off-the-shelf’ parterships just don’t work out and the problem is not just what the person looks like, or their age or the color of their hair – it’s their personality that will be the crucial factor in the ‘make or break’ stakes.

When you first start dating it’s important to be aware of some of the personality differences that may cause a few clashes on your first few dates together.

Here are a couple of really important facts you should consider about yourself when you first start going out with a new date:

1. Do you consider yourself to be reserved or outgoing?

Just understanding this one aspect of your personality can help you achieve dating success, You see most reserved people are not looking to be constantly entertained or go to a whirlwind of parties or social occasions as they are much happier in a more cosy, intimate setting for their dates.

On the other hand, if you’re more outgoing by nature you may be expecting to be entertained a lot of the time and surrounded by people at parties. Quiet cosy ‘nights-in’ and spending time just the two of you together may not be exactly what you had in mind for you ideal dates.

2. How do you live your life in general are you a planner or are you more carefree?

Your attitude to life in general can also become a sticking point if you aren’t aware of how you plan your dates. For example. if you’re a planner you’ll have everything ready well in advance before going on your dates. The table at the restaurant will be booked (days ahead) you’ll know exactly what you’re going to wear on the date (days ahead) and you’ll be so disappointed if your new date turns up late or doesn’t even mention what you’re wearing.

Whereas, if you have a more carefree attitute to life, you may not even think of prebooking a restaurant in advance then you wonder why your date is annoyed when all the tables are reserved and you can’t be served without standing in a long line. Or worse still, you forgot to collect your best suit from the cleaners and turn up too casual for the occasion.

A little bit of ‘give and take’ is what’s needed when you’re searching for your perfect date and spending quality time together with some creative dating ideas can really make a difference when you are both getting to know each other and building a strong relationship.


Edutainment for Kids – The Innovative Mix Between Education and Entertainment


Working hard and playing hard are both equally at the same time. This applies to adults as well as our kids.

In this day and age, our fast paced lifestyle means we are constantly forced to multi-task. As such, our attention span on a single task is greatly decreased. Time is also always a rushing factor because there’s just so much to do in so little time! This fast-paced lifestyle has shortened our kids’ attention span even more and educators are always looking for new and effective ways to reach out to students.

One approach is creating the right mix of education with entertainment and presenting it to the kids; in the form of edutainment.

What is edutainment? What does it do? How does it work? Believe it or not, edutainment is not an entirely new concept. Here’s a simple example of an edutainment activity: Remember when you were a kid going on school excursions? Instead of spending the day in a classroom, you and your friends took a trip to a farm, the zoo or a discovery centre. You got to see, feel, listen and learn about something new. You might have even watched a skit put up to spread an important message. It made you feel excited about learning. It was even fun!

That’s edutainment! The term “edutainment” is not new. In fact it comes from the computer industry. It is used to describe CD-ROM programs mainly designed for educating children but also has a fun entertainment aspect to it. As you can see, edutainment is not restricted to just one form. A school excursion, a computer game, watching a puppet show or even a film can be used as edutainment. TV shows such as Dora the Explorer or the evergreen Sesame Street are great examples of popular edutainment programs.

Edutainment allows children to learn through play. The key thing about edutainment is that it allows children to learn through leisure or play activities. Children naturally want to explore and manipulate their environment to make their own discoveries.

Studies into early childhood development have shown that children at preschool level learn best through their own play activities rather than in a structured setting, such as school classes. As such, many pre-schools are aware that open-ended play is in fact the best approach for children to learn and develop socially, physically and mentally.

Parents and educators can practice edutainment at home and in school by ‘sneaking in’ entertainment or fun into teachings. This can be the form of creating skits, role playing, solving fun puzzles or infusing songs and dance into a lesson.

Edutainment on Stage

One form of edutainment is live stage shows that help to spread positive messages in a fun way. Key messages are customized or incorporated into stage performances that often use creative mediums and interactive tools.

Many multi-national corporations and organizations today are also using edutainment on stage as a tool to spread a positive message to young students. Professional production companies are engaged to create creative shows that are effective and help reach objectives. For example in Singapore, the Health Promotion Board utilized two custom-created puppet & magic shows to spread the importance of good dental hygiene and harmful effects of smoking. The Fire Safety Prevention Council also commissioned a puppet show to highlight to students the importance of fire safety and prevention.

If you are an educator, parent or organization looking to instill positive values or communicate an important message to children, consider edutainment as an innovative approach.

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